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Are you looking for a remote job with a great US company?

We're a head hunter agency that matches individuals located in
the Philippines & Latin America with remote jobs at great US companies.
Shepherd matched me be with the perfect employer. Smooth process from application to hiring!
- Aliza, hired as a Shopify Developer
Shepherd's passion paired with unparalleled efficiency in workforce placement paved the way for people like me to be matched with the perfect remote job.
– Charmaine, hired as a Customer Support Representative
Shepherd found a company that values me as a designer/artist, and guided me all throughout the process.
- Ian, hired as a Graphic Designer
Shepherd presented me roles that matched my current skillset and they really did their best to get me hired.
- Jerico, hired as a Front-End Developer
My experience with Shepherd was AMAZING, they were able to match me with a job right away and the people behind the management are all wonderful. I'm so blessed and honored to be part of Shepherd.
- Kina, hired as a Customer Support Representative
Finding a job as a UI/UX Designer during the pandemic is difficult but Shepherd made it easy. They didn’t only help me find a job, they helped me find a REMOTE JOB with a great US-based company.
– Alison, hired as a UI/UX Designer

We help US companies hire amazing workers like you.

  • We are not a BPO firm. Instead, we pair talented individuals with great US companies
  • If one of our clients hires you, you join them full-time in a great career at no cost to you.
  • We hire in all job categories such as customer support, finance, operations, programming, creative, and more.
Work Remotely

If you're hired by one of our clients, you will work with them remotely by default.

Vetted Companies

Work with top US & European companies in a career you'll love.

Competitive Salary

The companies we work with agree to pay competitive salaries

Full-Time Careers

We only pair individuals with US companies that are hiring full-time.


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